Thứ Sáu, 4 tháng 1, 2013

There are figures that i think you will be very surprised at:
Until the end of 2010, the number of cars was in circulation was 1,015 billions ( researched by U.S Wards Auto ) and estimated that they would increase over 1,7 billions in 2035.

     The traffic congestion become familar with us !!!

The number of  people that died for air pollution were 1,35 millions people ( 2008) and up to now , this figure has been more increasing.
    The exhaust fumes is discharged from the transport everyday!

As can be seen, we can’t deny advantages of transport. But increasing number of private cars in use caused the rising levels of congestion and air pollution all over world cities. So, what should we do to reverse this decline in the quality of life in cities ? A truth is we can’t  live which lack of transport. So, i agree that we should make attempts to encourage people to use their cars less and public transport more. Here are some aspects that I want to talk about.

Firstly, exhaust fumes from cars is very toxic. It is reason causes air pollution So, it effects directly to beautiful looking cities and our health. According to experts, air pollution can cause many diseases for human, such as heart disease, cancer, asthma, diseases about breathing…the representation of Japan said that the transport made seriously air pollution in cities and made up 70% reasons caused air pollution. Moreover, means of traffic is more and more increasing. With this real situation, i certainly believe that all of us are in danger.

Secondly, traffic congestion happens more regularly and more and more serious. You must have felt very uncomfortable when you must wait for hours to pass a road. On the rush hour, the thousands of cars can’t be driven because of traffic jam. This reality made happen many accidents and cause serious consequences, not only is material facilities, but it is also life of people. Traffic jam influences time, work and studying very much : for example, i usually go to school at 7:00 am, but at this same moment, many people are also go for working and studying, so,  traffic jam happens and i will be late. i feel very angry about that! There were many methods was proposed but not effective, traffic jam still returns traffic jam.

Thirdly, the truth about public transport :Do you believe? Using public transport help we really reduce traffic jam and air pollution. So, what is public transport? It is simple that they are buses, subway, train…they are able to contain many people in, so, reducing the number of cars considerable is in circulation transport. Thus, reducing traffic jam and pollution. It is difficult to believe but experts proved that the place where develops perfectly public transport unusually have traffic jam. But everyone likes using their cars more and they show their luxury and level by their ones. A reality in many countries are system of public transport doesn’t develop. So, building a system of public transport which are perfect, convenient, modern all around cities, with reasonable fee and service any where, any time is very important. However, the traffic jam still happens only because government hasn’t done that yet.
   We need the bus like this everywhere in all over the world !

Lastly, i want to talk about awareness of people are in circulation transport. A worth disappointed thing about us is we’re not clearly aware of our responsibility. If all of us effort together, everything can be solved easily. Everyone usually say that we must do like this, we must do like other. But, saying is thing but carrying out is another thing, so,  “no sooner said than done”. We must carry out now, don’t let be only idea. And i also will carry out my idea : i will go to my school by bike , although the bike perhaps doesn’t help to reduce traffic jam, but i’m sure that it’s good for my health and it will help for protecting environment. Let's put their cars in the garage  and regularly go to the office, the company or the public transport. Let’s carry out for a beautiful and clean life!
Let’s go to school !!! 

Not only can the man draw life to the earth, but  the man also can kill themselves!!!

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